Cultured artisanally, Kyuquot Sound Sablefish is a reliable, Michelin quality product sourced by the most exclusive chefs in the world.

Our Story

Through our dedication to sustainable practices and product excellence, Golden Eagle Sable Fish is the world leader in cultured sablefish. Our fresh sushi grade sablefish has earned an elite reputation and is praised by Michelin Chefs from all around the world.

Location of our farms— Located in the remote location of Kyuquot Sound, getting to and from the farm is quite the journey. Harvesting of the product is done at the farm location, once the product is slush iced and brought to sub temperatures it is toted and barged to an off load site in Fair Harbour, British Columbia. From there it is trucked to St. Jeans cannery for primary processing and boxing. The product then leaves Vancouver Island for the mainland and begins to ship to all markets in North America.

Our Product

Sablefish, primarily a Japanese delicacy for decades, has recently gained gourmet recognition around the world. Kyuquot Sound Sablefish became the leader in the production of this delicacy by providing ultra-rare cultured sushi grade sablefish. Its flavor profile is a buttery, fatty unique flavored fish. The product gives chefs versatility due to parasite free farming techniques allowing a melt in your mouth sashimi or a stunning flaking in cooked applications.

Farming is done 250 ft deep in the clear ocean waters of Kyuquot Sound Canada, letting the fish excel in their natural environment of very cold temperatures. This produces the high natural fats that give this fish its flavor. The feed comes from a very repectable company please describe it.

Breeding—Located in close proximity to the farms on Saltspring Island, British Columbia is our hatcheries. Self-owned it gives us a reliable husbandry program. Knowledge of egg to plate traceability was something Kyuquot Sound Sablefish wanted to commit to in the early stages of rearing the product. Our hatchery team is a world leader in the evolution of farming such a unique deep water fish.

Our Commitment

The quality of our product, ocean stewardship, and our First Nations partnerships are the foundations of our business. Day after day, it is our relentless commitment to production sustainability and product excellence that brings our amazing sablefish from egg to your plate.

Our product mimics centuries of knowledge by the Kyuquot Checlesent first nations. The partnership with the indigenous people of the territory brings pride to what we do. They respect and love the lands they work on, bringing self respect to the product.

Sustainable Accreditations
Oceanwise, founded by the Vancouver Aquarium Oceanwise was started to educate consumers of seafood products regarding product and environmental sustainability. It continues to be the Canadian leader in up to date information for any seafood you would consume.

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