We believe in only raising the best, clean sablefish, and can only do so if our ocean ecosystem is pristine. Our fish are a local species living in their native waters. They are adapted to these oceanic conditions and require little intervention on our part to thrive. Golden Eagle Sablefish have no sea lice because they live 130 feet deep in cold and well flushed waters, out of this parasite’s range. We are the only marine net pen farm rated as Green Best Choice by the Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program. We are recommended as sustainable by Ocean Wise Seafood. Our processing plant is BAP-certified. 


Our fish eat live zooplankton and brine shrimp when they are juveniles. As adults, they eat a sustainably sourced feed of wild forage fish, peas, beans, wheat, and off-cuts from poultry and pork sources that are safe for human consumption but undesirable due to a preference for more premium cuts of meat. Wild fish are prohibited from being sourced from any fishery listed by the IUCN as being threatened, endangered, or critically endangered.

Packaging and Shipping

We are always seeking to improve and replace unsustainable packaging materials with environmental friendly alternatives. We do not use plastic gill tags to brand our fish in an effort to reduce single use plastic waste. We are currently quality testing biodegradable boxes in 2023. Stay tuned for new developments on packaging.

We decline to ship our fish overseas and back for processing. While this would be economically cost-effective, there would be true costs to our environment. Greenhouse gases contribute to climate change which is one of the biggest threats to our oceans. For this reason, all our fish butchering and packaging is done at a local processing facility locally on Vancouver Island.